Challenge Solar 24 LL

Designer : D. Bartolini



Electronic circuit board
Computerised electronic circuit board PWM managing the charge/discharge of the battery and the on/off of the light fitting
Circuit settings programmer available on request
1 lead acid gel battery 12V 162Ah placed inside the battery box located  on the top of the pole
Voltage: 12V DC
Capacity: 162 Ah, 1944Wh
(time of discharge 20h and approx. 3800 cycles) Dimensions: 306x168x211mm
Weight: kg. 28,30
Temperature range: -20°C÷50°C
Free from the risk of accidental spillage of the liquid acid Suitable for installation in close proximity to people and to electronic equipment
Battery life 4 times higher than a common acid battery
Solar panels
2 Adjustable solar panel 2x100Wp made of silicon monocrystalline
Highly transmittant tempered glass 4mm thickness
Hail resistant Ø25mm at 75km/h
Battery box
Body in SMC (fiberglass)
Fire resistant
Protected against flash-over currents
Resistant to impacts
Light fitting
Silicone gaskets
Polyester powder coating after a treatment specific for weathering resistance
Conforms to regional laws against light pollution
A2 stainless steel screws
Transparent diffuser with silicone lens
Finned anodised aluminium heat sink
Anodised and painted hot-dip galvanised steel body Reinforced and painted thermoplastic wiring compartment Metric cord block M20x1,5mm for Ø6mm to Ø12mm cables complete with a vent valve to prevent condensation
High-performance LEDIL silicone asymmetric optics including one PHILIPS LED
Technical details monochromatic Led
Monocromatic 24W Led PHILIPS, 4000K neutral white, max 4269 lm

Lamp typePowerColour*Code
LED natural white24W Black1571482N1

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Compositions and poles




SOLAR MANUAL (4535 Kb) MANUALE SOLAR (4536 Kb) 2D (769 Kb)

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